Why go on a Food Tour? eat walk talk bristol

Why go on a Food Tour? eat walk talk bristol

Saturday 7th October 2017

So much changes In Bristol that almost weekly there is something different to see and taste so I though I'd take a chance to remind you of the great reasons to take a food tour and really get to know the city.

Its hard to keep up, a new restaurant every week and Wapping Wharf, a resurgent Old City, Pop Ups and Street Food - if you don't have your finger on the pulse you will miss so much.

I've been lucky enough to go on lots of food tours as I've travelled the world and have met lots of 'food tourers' on the way. After the brief introductions; where are you from? Are you enjoying your vacation? it quickly comes down to the serious talk of food and why did you come onto the tour?

Whilst everyone has a slightly different reason for booking on the tour there seems to be five main reasons.

1. The Food - Well obviously its for the food but Food Tours are a great chance to try new foods in a risk free, fun environment. You know how it is? Presented with something you may never have tried before you often go with the safe choice, after all who wants to throw away their Euro's, Dollars, Pounds on something they might not like? Food Tours allow you to try a bite of something new and hey if you don't like then onto the next thing. To prove my own theory on a recent trip to Sicily I ate a Spleen sandwich 'pane ca' meusa' during the Palermo Street Food Tour. Feel free to Google Spleen. Believe me I'm an adventurer but for a few Euros, as part of the tour, I happily tried and loved it.

2. Be an Insider - You get to travel around the local area with a local. Part of any journey is discovering new places and in most countries and cities there is a well beaten track. The Top 10 of... is the top 10 of places people go and review and thats it, not always the best places, the newest places (after all most guide books are two years old before they hit print), or the places where you can 'discover the essence of a city.' Your guide can help with hints and tips and show you the parts that aren't really covered by your hotel map.

3. Meet People - Its great to taste new foods but the best meals, the best experiences are those shared with someone you love or like minded people. Food Tours allow you to share your experience with people who love food, people like you.

4. Time - Whether you are on a two week vacation, a weekend break or a stopover on the way to somewhere else, food tours are a great way to get your bearings in a city quickly. You get to see some of the highlights of the city, taste its food and decide what you like. This helps you use the rest of your time to revisit that place with the great street food; be inspired to grab something more substantial or follow a recommendation for somewhere further afield.

5. More than just food - Each and every food tour I've taken has allowed me to try the best food in that city but food tours are more than that. They take in the history, the sights, some of that beaten track and off it, but also show you a little about the people, the culture and what's important to them. Thats invaluable to any traveller because if you get to the Heart of a City you'll carry that with you forever.