Brian’s Burgers – Best Independent Burgers in Bristol

on May 4, 2018

I used to think that Bristol was all about pizza, after all we have some of the best independent pizza joints in the UK, but maybe that’s about to change with two new burger joints getting the carnivores well and truly excited.


Asado one of the two newest kids on the burger block having just opened in Colston Yard in what was the previous Rosemarino site.

I’d only come across Asado related to open fire cooking in Argentina but i’m reliably informed its Spanish for BBQ. The guys here have created a fun colourful restaurant with great music (check out their Spotify playlists) and a relaxed vibe with the high quality burgers crafted from Soil Association Organic and high welfare ingredients with a South American / British flavour.

They probably could have have had everyone sat on milk crates though if they had wanted; as you’ll pretty much endure anything when the food is this good. I’d recommend the El Don; that’s amazing beef cooked pink and accompanied by cheese, pancetta and BBQ onions. AWESOME.

The Don Asado

Hubbox Bristol is the latest restaurant in the South West based growing group. Its a more conventional set up with a wider menu but that doesn’t hurt as they have delivered a comfortable interior with a team focussed on food and good service in what was the former Las Iguanas site on Whiteladies Road.

I chose the Big Kahuna from the extensive menu as I’d heard good things about it from a few blogger friends. Its a mountain of a burger with two 4oz patties and some extra pulled pork topped off with cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings. Its a man v food kind of deal as it can even be made in XL that would be a challenge for a less dedicated foodie.

The Big Kahuna

I love OOWEE, its Picton street outlet is not a restaurant per se as it only has a few seats propped against the window to people watch the cool dudes around Picton Street although they have now added a full restaurant on North Street. The burgers are not so much dirty as filthy! Its menu is a great combination of burgers and chicken that really takes me back to when I lived in the states when if you didn’t go bigger you worked hard to get a fantastic combination of flavours into your food.

At my most recent visit I had the Peanut Bacon Burger which i like to imagine is something that would have contributed to the demise of Elvis. Its pretty much what is says on the tin, burger, peanut butter and bacon. Its not for the faint hearted but the combination of flavours works really well together and i loved it for that little bit of craziness you imagine they must have for even dreaming up that combo.

Burger review

After a long residency in Kongs of King Street Burger Theory are stepping up their game with a restaurant of their own in the former Europa site in St Stephens Street in the Old City. They’ve been a burger fave of many a blogger and if you have tried their burgers you will know why.

Its a pretty simple combo of beef, bacon and cheese with a few pink pickled onions. It will wow you as its so full of flavour and served alongside some great beers and sides its easy to see how they have been able to get their own place.

Three Brothers is now firmly based on the boat alongside the Harbourside that was formerly Spyglass. An interesting combination of burgers in a great setting, I love to just sit and eat watching the world go by on the terrace in Summer.

They have some fantastic lunchtime offers but I eschewed them all to have the Meaty Mountain! A stacked burger with beef, rostis, reblochon and bacon. Its truly delicious and what every burger should be – a pink, juicy and messy.

Look out for the fabulous Squeezed on Wapping Wharf – the genius behind Rebel Roll’s burger creations delivering with the juiciest burgers ever!

I apologies for totally stealing the photos here from the websites and Facebook (if you want a credit let me know) but I am far better at eating than as a photographer.

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