The Real Greek Eatwalktalkbristol food tour

The Real Greek Eatwalktalkbristol food tour

Thursday 25th January 2018

We don't go to chains but the chance to reminisce old times when I lived in London and was well less fiercely independent was too much to miss when The Real Greek rolled in to town this week.

My Real Greek experience was always at the branch on the South Bank between Borough and Tate Modern, a regular work place or foodie pilgrimage often had me walk past chain central around the OXO tower and I would sit and pretend I was back on a Greek Isle looking out at the slightly less Azure waters of the Thames but the menu was good enough for me to transport myself away from work stress and forget it all for a few minutes.

I moved to Bristol and not long after the 'foodie scales' metaphorically fell from my eyes. As a result I pretty much stopped visiting chains because there are so many other good independent places but The Real Greek opening (albeit in the unit of doom that saw the death of Tampopo and Chimichanga) in Cabot was too tempting to resist.

The menu hasn't really changed and why would it. I have always loved the Loukaniko, meatballs, and falafels; they are still on the menu but sadly they now have the calories written next to them, which despite helping the masses make informed choices, filled me with regret as I consumed every delicious bite.

Luckily, I ordered some healthy stuff too; the Greek salad was perfect, the hummus, tzatziki and flat breads great accompaniments but my favourite dish was the octopus. Lots of chefs manage to ruin octopus, so the guy working hard to bang out the dishes to a full restaurant deserves applause to deliver this perfectly.

Each dish worked really well with the wine we chose and whilst Greek wine is not normally top of my list when I peruse the wine shelves in Waitrose, I would say the Cavino and Semeli were well priced and were as good as anything I've tasted lately.

I got to make my own hummus, with face of the brand, Tonia Buxton and have to admit it was more fun that using the blender at home, our version had stacks of garlic and whilst I was less popular in work the next day it worked really well and I know I'll make it that way in the future.

All in all it was a good evening finished off with a very large portion of Baklava, great coffee and the Mountain Tea that made me feel a little healthier despite my growing waistline. If you are in Cabot shopping your heart out and want a great lunch or dinner that makes you think of warmer climbs then go here. The food is good and Its a far better representation of Greece than Mama Mia will ever be....