The Cauldron - What's the Beef?

The Cauldron - What's the Beef?

Thursday 11th January 2018

Our second visit to The Cauldron and after a suitably encouraging mid week lunch we stepped it up with the ultimate test for open flame cooking and went for Sunday Roast.

Its probably all been said by other far more eloquent writers but if you have been under a stone somewhere then The Cauldron is an eclectic (read mad) restaurant based in darkest St Werburgh just around the corner from Biblos and Better Foods.

St Werburgh is worthy of its very own review but suffice to say you see some 'interesting' things there.

The restaurant itself is all about the kitchen; jammed into a back corner its pretty much pinched from any movie thats trying to depict a witches coven with pots, pans and the said same cauldrons bubbling away over open flames.

Sunday lunch must be busy especially as I was encouraged to part with a deposit to secure my table, no doubt as a result of those losers who are unable to cancel a table if they can't be bothered to get out of bed.

Lunch itself has 3 'carnivorous' choices Lamb, Pork and Beef, of which, I selected the beef and I was so glad I did because it was maybe some of the best I have ever tasted. My significant other chose the Vegetarian Wellington.

Beef was cooked perfectly, and worked really well with the homemade horseradish cream. The range of veg was wide and included unctuous cauliflower cheese and surprisingly cherry tomatoes. I did that thing they do on Masterchef and layered various different combinations of food onto my fork and they all worked wonderfully even those cheeky sweet tomatoes.

I loved the beef so much I asked the Chef's where they sourced it from expecting some rare breed Dexter, Devon Red or equally revered 'cow brand' but had a stifle a laugh when it had just come from the butcher on the local industrial estate.

The Wellington was full of flavour and held together well which doesn't always happen when people try and be clever.

My only complaint, I would have liked more crunch or even some crunchy sea salt crystals on my roast potatoes but I'm being really picky here.

We took a minute to look around the interesting dining room and consider should we purchase the canvas next to our table for a mere £1500 but decided instead to plump (appropriate given my tight trousers) for dessert. A delightful banana mousse with boozy raisins and Speculoos biscuit and a lovely apple strudel.

My dessert tasted as good as it was instagrammable and I felt I won here because well the mousse was great and the strudel whilst perfect for the wintry weather was just a strudel.

In a full restaurant the service was friendly and efficient and there was a nice buzz about the place. Prices were good value for money and the wine list interesting enough to go back and test more - all in all a great roast and one I know I'd happy lay down a deposit for.