The Good,The Busy and The Dirty

The Good,The Busy and The Dirty

Sunday 10th December 2017

I just checked out my twitter feed and the last three tweets in my feed involve #turbot #Iceland and #crisps. Ok, so the Iceland is promoted because if they knew me they would realise thats a promoted tweet badly spent. Still, I like to think in work and across our food tours we have a pretty wide range in the food I eat and talk about.

This week as well as a mega tour for Kerry Foods (the busy) we also tried out the new residency at Kongs, Sub Dunk, where the menu centres around well Subs! Thankfully not the Subway ones of the ubiquitous sandwich chain but instead dirty subs that play on the US French Dips sandwich. If you have yet to indulge The French Dip originated in LA and began as a beef sandwich in a French roll served with a cup of jus or broth or in my experience the bread is submerged in gravy then finished.

The guys at SubDunk (the dirty) serve their dip on the side and its pretty tasty enough to make me hanker after the traffic on the I10! I enjoyed the fantastic Porchetta Sub with smoked Pork Gravy and dipped to my hearts delight. Kirsty, (a vegetarian) seemed surprisingly lacking in desire to dip her sandwich in meat jus, so she ordered the Mushroom Melt which literally oozed cheese out across the plate from a herby Portobello.

The experience was completed with the veggie sharing tray filled to the brim with fries, crispy onion rings, mac n cheese balls (think mac arrancini) and homemade chilli ketchup and BBQ sauce that had us fighting over whom had the last bit.

Its good food perfect for those enjoying the drinks and games at Kongs and surprisingly a venture shared between the owner of the Woolly Cactus and a chef at the second part of our culinary adventures this week -The Ethicurean

Finally filled a long held desire to check out the much admired Ethicurean this week. I'd heard great things about the food, menu, cookbook, ethos and location so added it to my list of 'amazing' places to go before the end of 2017.

The Ethicurean (The Good) is absolutely the type of restaurant I love to visit. The location is achingly good, nestled amongst the Mendips (snow covered today) run by the Penningtons whose 'culinary philosophy' is right on point with fermented, foraged and home grown ingredients that are absolutely what I want to eat and the dishes they transform them into are truly sublime.

My starter, pickled Cornish Squid was a revelation and a reward for overcoming my own fears that it would be sharp and rubbery. It was everything but that, soft delicate and an almost sweet pickling rendered it perfect against its accompaniments and perfect to eat. Kirsty, enjoyed salt baked beetroot and pickles that was sweet and earthy and tasted heavenly with the creamy labneh.

Mains were duck breast, cauliflower puree, buttered cabbage, crab apple jus and kimchi which together is one of the best dishes I ate this year, with a special mention to the kimchi, that almost made me forget all the terrible kimchi that is the new pulled pork of over use on menus. I have to admit to be tempted to take more than the offered few bites of Kirsty's (blogger's privilege) roasted artichokes, squash, chestnuts and hen's egg. I'm not a fan of artichokes but these were sweet and delicious and had me checking the menu to verify the ingredient list.

Dessert was wintry and splittable - an almond, pear, dark chocolate and cardamom cake which had a perfect balance and a sticky toffee apple cake which if i'm honest left me eulogising about Cartmel Sticky Toffee pudding but they were still a strong end to a strong lunch and probably one of my top 5 foodie experiences this year, if you are considering visiting - take my advice and book now.