St Nicholas Market Foodie Heaven Eat Walk Talk Bristol

St Nicholas Market Foodie Heaven Eat Walk Talk Bristol

Thursday 21st September 2017

First in a series of Market updates ...

When I arrived in Bristol 12 years ago if you wanted to visit a street food market you took a pilgrimage to St Nicholas Market but even then the food area was hidden amongst an eclectic mix of textiles, drug paraphernalia and ye olde photos.

Now we are blessed with so many foodie hangouts we are spoiled for choice as the growth of 'street food', the decline of those terrible 'triangle sandwiches' and the need to get back to desk sharpish have seen an explosion of locations in Bristol to get great food. Watch out for further market write ups including Temple Quay, Finzel's Reach, Whiteladies Road, BS5market and Tobacco Factory but for today lets focus on..

St Nicholas Market

The daddy of Street Food is probably still St Nick's the popular Old City market thats been around since the 1860's and predates London's Borough Market by a few years. Its been reorganised over the last few years to make the Glasshall a veritable street of street food that will take your tastebuds around the world.

There are so many to choose from with Eatapitta by far the most popular if queues are anything to go by, with maybe Matina close second. They both serve up sumptuous mediterranean / middle eastern food that focuses on freshness, authenticity and generosity. Big portions pulled together in front of your eyes of falafels or chargrilled meats with wonderful colourful salads. Its amazing how much you get for your lunch money.

I love the mixture of food here and our guests do too; our personal favourites (not excluding the above) are Eatchu a wonderful Japanese Gyoza bar serving the most perfect dumplings this side of Tokyo (and I say this having taken guests there from Tokyo).

We also love Grillstock a veritable Bristol institution and home of awesome barbecue. It feels you can get pulled pork anywhere and everywhere nowadays but the pulled pork roll with Slaw and that beautiful smoky sauce pulls me back here again and again.

If its Autumn for me its Pieminister Born in Bristol its a national thing now but this little part of the market serves an incredible range of pies (moo and Blue for me) with red wine gravy, perfect mash and peas too. Its heritage street food really and good enough to compete with the cornucopia of world influences that are around the street food scene now.

Dessert comes in the form of better than Bake Off cakes from Ahh Toots Its mesmerising to watch them create amazing cakes in such a tiny space and they have something for everyone. I love to grab a coffee and my personal favourite the croissant cake at the end of a tour and match people go by. (see main image)

If those don't tempt you you can try food from Portugal, Greece, Italy, Caribbean, China, have a healthy juice or even ice cream made with Liquid Nitrogen!