Dinner and walk talk bristol food tour

Dinner and walk talk bristol food tour

Monday 24th July 2017

It's been a very busy summer so we've been touring lots and writing less but we're taking a well-earned weekend break so finally a chance to write a quick update.

There's been a lot going on, right now its Harbour fest but it's been a festival of new restaurant openings (and closings) over the last couple of months.

Notable openings include New Burger / BBQ joints in Asado and Hubbox, neighbourhood Italian Bomboloni, Caribbean Croft and a plethora of openings at Wapping Wharf part 2 including favourites Pickled Brisket, Spuntino, Cantina, Salt and Malt and Gopals Curry Shack.

There are many more openings to come with Cargo 2.5 now signed up and its becoming increasingly difficult to keep the food visits up and the waistline down.

Not one to be put off by all things dieting we accepted an invitation to try out Aluna a quirky, bar come restaurant on Broad Quay and what looked like a fun place for cocktails around the theatre area.

I checked out the website and Aluna "is a concept unlike any other, we thrive on the adventurous & relish in the abnormal." I have to admit that had me a little worried as I'm not necessarily known for relishing the abnormal.

Thankfully, when you get past the blurb and try it out, Aluna has one thing going for it; FUN.

On a quiet Tuesday evening we ventured to the elaborately decorated bar and took our seats in the funky area near the restaurant. The decor is pretty full on with reds, golds, frithy lace, butterflies and upholstered bankets a reflection of the designer's enthusiasm.

We took our seats and was surprised to see we were part of around 40 guests they had in that evening. Our waitress Margaret was incredibly helpful and efficient and before we could became too dazzled by the decor furnished us with their cocktail list. We perused carefully the extensive list with funky names that resonated with the science instruments nearby and the overall theme of alchemy. Margaret asked our favourite 'normal' drinks and I plumped for vodka and Mrs EWTB chose gin.

I was recommended the Pornstar Martini, a passion fruit sweetened vodka martini and Prosecco shot, that whilst I relished the idea of a change in job felt maybe was a departure for a middle-aged foodie like myself.

My partner was offered a similarly exciting cocktail but more decisive than myself went for a Lemontini, a Gin and limoncello Martini. Both drinks were presented with a flourish given they were slightly understaffed for the rush and we were even presented a theatrical bowl of dry ice that definitely elevated the fun factor.

I have to admit I found my drink fun and filled with passion fruit that worked with the vodka and but it was just a little sweet for my taste. The Prosecco was good and left me wanting more which is what a good Prosecco does.

I cleverly offered to taste the Lemontini for research purposes and again found it sweet but its original owner drank with enthusiasm and even the half passion fruit was consumed as a mid drinks dessert.

We had ordered Asian snacks as a drink accompaniment, a fairly simple Squid dish and Spring Rolls both of which were delivered in quick time and were good food that worked well with the drinks.

The owners of Aluna have worked hard to make the bar and restaurant fun, given the recent trials and tribulations in the Bristol restaurant scene and some notable closures, the fact they were pretty full on a Tuesday is testament to this.

Its definitely a fun place to grab a drink after work for those spilling out of local offices and maybe wanting something to eat as well.