Contemporary 'Fine' Dining - Eat Walk Talk Bristol Recommends....

Contemporary 'Fine' Dining - Eat Walk Talk Bristol Recommends....

Sunday 16th April 2017

Our food tour guests come full of excitement for Bristol and leave full of food but sometimes they are hungry for more, so we have created our little black book of recommendations for guests to visit during their time in Bristol.

It takes a lot to get into the book and its even harder to stay there but over our next few blog posts we'll highlight our favourite restaurants in Bristol by cuisine and category.

The only way into the book is to have great food, drink and service delivered consistently; oh and as one member of our team has strayed to the dark side of Vegetarianism something they can eat too.

We absolutely live for Bristol's street food scene and our food tour guests join us so they can too but when we want to impress we recommend a bit of fine dining - 'contemporary' 'modern' fine 'ish' dining; its not easy to categorise but it is easy to enjoy the food.

Our choices when you want to impress are:

Box E

Just 14 precious covers in a converted container stacked on top of other containers in Wapping Wharf. - sounds romantic doesn't it but if you are lucky enough to dine at Box E you will quickly forget its infrastructure and focus on the amazing food, wine list and great service that chef Elliot Lidstone and team are delivering out a tiny kitchen.

Much lauded in the press including today's Jay Rayner review but watch out for twitter as they often get last minute tables pop up due to the vagueries of more food hardy diners.

Bulrush BS6
Bulrush is one of those hidden gems on Cotham Road that you could easily walk or drive by without ever really noticing. Its a quirky, unassuming but stylish room that George Livesey and team deliver a tasting menu that will make you regret not eating here sooner. I've been lucky enough to eat in a fair few Michelin restaurants and for me this is on its way to that standard.

Book now and just savour each incredible course alongside some amazing wines and you have the perfect contemporary British cooking for a price that belies the quality.

Adelina Yard

In the time I've lived in Bristol I've seen a few restaurants occupy the current location of Adelina Yard on Welsh Back. They never quite found the right formula for a location that doesn't necessarily lend itself to fine dining but Adelina Yard and its modern European cooking should be here for a very long time.

Part of The Sunday Times top 100 restaurants 2017 they serve and innovative tasting menu that ticks all the boxes. Classic food with modern twists they set out to give you an unforgettable dinner and I'm yet to be disappointed.

Apologies for borrowing the photo from their website my camera went into meltdown - less wine next time I think.