Finzel's Reach Friday Market

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

The latest launch in markets in Bristol dedicated to street food - blog post to follow

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No More Nut Roast....

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

No more nut roast, mushroom risotto or some goats cheese monstrosity... the days when restaurants chucked some generic tasteless gloop onto their menu in order to badge themselves 'veggie friendly' are well and truly over. Mrs Eatwalktalkbristol is definitely a vegetarian and so across time I've increasingly learned just how good vegetarian cooking can be with some true high points being Tian, Vienna; a one Michelin star restaurant and Nobelhart and Schmutzig, Berlin (what those guys can do with a mushroom) and closer to home Casa Mia, one Michelin Star, Bulrush and Adelina Yard all producing some stunning dishes. Bristol increasingly has a reputation for an amazing food and the vegetarian cafes and restaurants stand up incredibly well here. Here are…

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The Mall Pub Clifton Launch Event

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the relaunch event for the Mall Pub Clifton Village. I have to admit to not being so much a pub person with images of my youth dominated by regulars propping up the bar and I mean literally 'propping up', smoke and packets of KP peanuts shared by all and sundry in those little pots on the bar. Thankfully The Mall couldn't be further from that image. The newly refurbished interior was smart and comfortable and thankfully not over designed with that casual attempt to ensure every chair and table was mismatched not present here. They serve a wide range of beer and ciders (what else would you expect) but…

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Contemporary 'Fine' Dining - Eat Walk Talk Bristol Recommends....

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Our food tour guests come full of excitement for Bristol and leave full of food but sometimes they are hungry for more, so we have created our little black book of recommendations for guests to visit during their time in Bristol. It takes a lot to get into the book and its even harder to stay there but over our next few blog posts we'll highlight our favourite restaurants in Bristol by cuisine and category. The only way into the book is to have great food, drink and service delivered consistently; oh and as one member of our team has strayed to the dark side of Vegetarianism something they can eat too. We absolutely live for Bristol's street food scene and…

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Who ate all the Pies - Relaunch event at The Stable

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Bristol probably has the fastest growing food scene in the UK and whilst it seems somewhere new pops up pretty much everyday some of our existing bars and restaurants work hard to keep up. This is why Bristol is great for our Eat Walk Talk Food Tours! I'm lucky enough to have been invited to the relaunch of The Stable on the Harbourside. I have to admit to being a first time customer for the Stable as whilst I love the Harbourside its more of a lunch place for me usually at the market as it gets a bit loud and crowded later on. I'm obviously old but you of course will be younger and cooler than me. They have 17…

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Lunch Like a Local - Eat Walk Talk Bristol Food Tour

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

We have a bit of a reputation in the UK for long hours and hard work with a trip to the pub at the end of the day. Lunch being a terrible sandwich in one of those triangular boxes, some crisps (chips if you are American) and a fizzy drink that probably comes from the local supermarket as part of the special deal. Thankfully the growth of street food and local markets in the UK has really changed up the options and you no longer have to suffer that sad sandwich if you get out of the office and see whats on its metaphorical door step. We love lunch on our Eat walk talk Bristol food tour so here are some…

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Dirty Burgers and Fries Eat Walk Talk Bristol Guest Blog

Monday, March 6th, 2017

We're all about eating; clean or dirty its all good to us as long as there is good food we can diet afterwards. Our food tours can cover your desires clean or otherwise so just ask. For this weeks update I'm happy to share one of Bristol's biggest eaters, Natalie Brereton, on Dirty Bad Ass burgers. She is probably the queen of Burger connoisseurs in Bristol so check it out here. Burgers Personally, I'm having a little fling with OOWEE Diner on Picton Street.

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Why go on a Food Tour? eat walk talk bristol

Friday, February 24th, 2017

So much changes In Bristol that almost weekly there is something different to see and taste so I though I'd take a chance to remind you of the great reasons to take a food tour and really get to know the city. I've been lucky enough to go on lots of food tours as I've travelled the world and have met lots of 'food tourers' on the way. After the brief introductions; where are you from? Are you enjoying your vacation? it quickly comes down to the serious talk of food and why did you come onto the tour? Whilst everyone has a slightly different reason for booking on the tour there seems to be five main reasons. 1. The Food - Well…

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A little Pizza Heaven My Bristol Top 5 - Eat Walk Talk Bristol Food Tour

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Ok so maybe it didn't quite work out the way you thought it would with that whole St Valentine's deal but you still have pizza right? Pizza will always love you and make you feel like number one. So get back out there and get ordering although for God's sake not a Hawaiian as that is a sin against pizza and mankind and might just be the reason you didn't receive that St Valentine's card after all? We're actually pretty amazingly blessed for Pizza in Bristol. In narrowing down my choice to just 5 I know I have probably excluded some pizzeria's and even pubs that sell pizza that most towns would be grateful for. However, when it comes to…

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Bristol Bloggers Food Tour - Eat Walk Talk Bristol

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

I'm lucky to have been invited to a Bristol Bloggers event recently and wanted to share the experience with you on what was a great afternoon exploring Bristol's food scene. For this event the Bloggers had chosen the new development at Wapping Wharf at Gaol Ferry Steps that includes a mixture of Restaurants, Cafes and retail. If you follow us on our social media you will know we have visited a few of these locations before and written a blog entry just after they had opened but this was a chance to dig a little deeper into their ethos, taste the wider menu and check out the front of house now they are more established We started our tour at Wild Beer. This…

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