Dangun Korean Restaurant Review

on June 7, 2018

We regularly walk around the Old City and were pleasantly surprised to see the old Bagel Boy unit taken over by Dangun on a tour last month.

I’ve been having a love affair with all things fermented and sharp and Korean food falls firmly into this flavour heartland. I was keen to try what I’d only had in a street food concept or on that fermentation class I went to ‘for my birthday’ in a restaurant setting so off we booked in for Sunday lunch.

Not a lot has changed from the layout of Bagel Boy, rustic tables and chairs in an open but some how dark interior thats not overly inviting, but the staff were friendly and welcoming so that was a real positive. The team told us as part of the welcome they were operated by the TUK TUK people so they had some credibility instantly.

We ordered extensively from the menu (code for a lot) to try and get a good idea just what they were about.

We chose a couple of Banchan (small dishes) including the obligatory kimchi, some spinach with sesame seeds and asian coleslaw. They were served as a trio and worked really well with the main dishes adding that wonderful sweet and salt sharpness I love in Asian food.

The rest of the feast included a couple of the taco’s; the beef shin and roast squash versions both tasted really good and probably would have stood up on their own. They were an interesting spin on the Mexican staple and packed with flavour.

Main and sides were yellow curry noodle, toppoki and KFC. I’m going through a fried chicken phase and wanted to try the chicken to compare with some pretty good versions around town from Wings Diner and Burger Theory and was glad I did because it was light and fragrant and still succulent. The yellow noodle was good but lacked the depth of flavour I would have wanted. Luckily alongside the other dishes it was good to have a little less spice and a slightly cooling influence but if I’d ordered it solo it would have been disappointing.

The stand out dish for me was the toppoki, Korean rice cakes? Really thick cylinders of rice noodle is a better description but once you started to eat them the description didn’t really matter because it was so beautifully fiery, sour and full of gochujang flavour I would forgive any menu tomfoolery.

I’d wholly recommend Dangun to anyone that loves South East Asian Flavours – the food belies its location and if you are like me it will make you want more and more.

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